When it’s all about the big fish in a small pond

If you started reading this post in hopes of learning about Nemo and Dory, you are going to be disappointed. This is about a different kind of fish, but without gills of any sort. This post take a sneak-peak at how competition rules deals with consolidation within the European telecommunications industry, a market that hosts over two-hundred operators that services five-hundred European consumers.

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Facebook’s DeepText: Understanding the legality of AI

Is Facebook violating your privacy by using DeepText to read through your Facebook posts and updates? Definitely. Can they legally do it? Probably – because users have consented to it. Should you be worried? Probably not; DeepText is neither truly intelligent nor human. (You should, however, be worried about advertisers …

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In search of oblivion and the curious case of Mr. Gonzales and Google Spain

In Europe, all information regarding an individual made available publicly has been termed “personal” information, thanks to a man who fought to be forgotten and now remembered forever. For Google, this is of course an added burden. This post takes a closer look at this most ironic internet story of all time.

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