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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

– Arthur C. Clarke’s Third Law

Imagine someone from a part of the world that has been completely isolated from humanity’s advancements, suddenly encountering current technology. How mindblowing would that be? Not as much as it should, actually. After all, to what extent would  someone so displaced from time understand about the smartphone? It would probably look like nothing more than a block of metal and magic.

Now imagine the layman (perhaps in his teens or twenties), very much belonging to this time. A smartphone would be a pretty impressive piece of tech, but even so, would he or she still understand the true depths of brilliance required to make that device, and all of its functionality, possible? Probably not. The typical lawyer (or judge or politician, take your pick) might just fare even worse! Yet, we are increasingly being depended on to regulate technology – or at least make sense of it from a legal context. Conundrum indeed!

As technology lawyers, we have started this website in an effort to understand the wide-ranging issues present in this field. Our hope is to recognise the issues involved, perhaps simplify them, and provide some legal context; wherever possible, suggest solutions. (we’re an optimistic bunch!)

So join us in this epic quest of discovery, to delve into technology and demystify legalese!

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