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Ketan_profileKetan Modh

Lawyer, academic, privacy advisory professional and technology hobbyist. I graduated with dual PhDs from the University of Groningen and the University of Malta, wonderfully supervised by Prof. Joe Cannataci (then United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Privacy) and Prof. Hans Vedder (Professor of Economic Law). My work was focused on studying identity and identification systems from the perspectives of history, culture, law and technical standards, culminating in a systems-theoretic model that can be used to generate bespoke laws and policies depending on the circumstances surrounding the identity system. I also have a Masters in Law (in Law and Digital Technologies) from Leiden University, and degrees in law and business administration from National Law University, Jodhpur. In a different life, I was employed by Thomson Reuters where I was mostly involved with drafting and negotiating complex ICT agreements (and a smattering of others). Being drawn irresistibly to technology since a young age, this proved to be a boon, since I could finally see a connection between my vocation and avocation. I started this website as a natural follow-up to my passion for the field, and I do hope you like it!

My LinkedIn profile, in case you need more information/want to contact me.

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